About Us

Who we are

Quota International of Cupertino is a local service club chartered in 1985 as part of a worldwide service organization of Quota International. We are a non-profit organization, a working group of professionals, retired women and men, community volunteers of all ages, with educational backgrounds, ethnic groups, who come together twice a month for lunch. We put on one major fundraiser a year as well as small fundraisers, and one large annual community luncheon in April.

Quota members value belonging to a local club who make friends and have fun,  inspire and support one another,  and passionate at what we do while serving others. In Quota, we enhance personal growth, network with interesting and motivated people, while learning leadership and management skills which transcend into our personal and professional lives.

Our mission is to raise funds to empower women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech impaired in local communities around the world.

Quota Collect

Quench in our hearts oh Lord, all fires of selfishness

Unfold to us the joys of true friendship

Open our minds to a better understanding of service

Teach us the real meaning of sharing

And, help us to hold high those principles QUOTA
      for which we stand.

Our Community Service Grant Awards

International Grants

  • Hand in Hand Grant to Iloilo, Philippines
  • Hand in Hand Grant to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Local Grants

  • Bill Wilson Center
  • Hearing Dog Program
  • West Valley Community Services
  • YWCA-SV Domestic Violence Department Support Network
  • Cupertino Union School District
  • Grateful Garment Project
  • Wellness Center Cupertino
  • Cynthia Sine Lee Memorial Scholarship